The Glynn-Brunswick Land Bank Authority (GBLBA) was established to acquire tax delinquent properties in order to foster the public purpose of returning land which is in a nonrevenue-generating, nontax-producing status to an effective utilization status in order to provide housing, new industry, and jobs for the citizens of the county. The GBLBA Board has seven members, 2 members of the Glynn County Board of Commissioners, 2 members of the Brunswick City Commission, 1 member of the Glynn County Board of Education, and 2 citizens.

The Glynn-Brunswick Land Bank Authority functions as a strategic development tool that supports growth and investment within the neighborhoods of Glynn County through the elimination of blighted and abandoned properties. The GBLBA acquires these properties and makes them available for redevelopment by qualified non-profits, developers, investors or individuals.


Planning Department staff will be happy to answer your questions and can be reached at 912-267-5527.


(912) 267-5527

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