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Flood Insurance FAQs

Is flood insurance necessary?

We all live in a flood zone. Some areas are a higher risk of flooding than others, but flooding happens more often than you think.  For many people, their home and its contents represent their greatest investment.  PROPERTY LOSSES DUE TO FLOODING ARE NOT COVERED BY MOST STANDARD HOMEOWNERS’ AND RENTERS’ INSURANCE POLICIES.  However, you can protect your home and its contents with flood insurance purchased thru the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  There is a 30-day waiting period before a flood insurance policy takes effect, so don’t wait until a storm or hurricane happens to obtain flood insurance. Be sure and ask your insurance agent if you are covered for flood damage.


Who is required to purchase flood insurance?

Property owners are required by federal law to purchase a Flood Insurance policy if a structure is located in a high-risk area, known as a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).  Even if your property is not in a high-risk flood area, your mortgage lender could still require you to purchase flood insurance.  Properties that are not located within a SFHA or required to be insured by a mortgage company may still be insured. 


How do I purchase flood insurance?

Flood insurance can be purchased from an insurance agent or an insurer participating in the NFIP. The NFIP does not sell policies directly. If your insurance agent does not sell flood insurance, you can contact the NFIP Referral Call Center at 1-800-427-4661 to request a listing of agents that sell flood insurance. Flood policy premiums do not differ from company to company or agent to agent, so there’s no need to “shop around” for flood insurance. 


More information about buying flood insurance is available here: https://www.fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program/How-Buy-Flood-Insurance


Does Brunswick participate in the CRS program to discount my flood insurance?

The City of Brunswick voluntarily participates in the Community Rating System (CRS), a part of the NFIP, which provides discounted insurance rates to communities that take efforts to reduce the risk of flooding.  Because of the City’s participation in the CRS, residents receive a 5% discount when they purchase flood insurance.


Where can I find more information about flood insurance?

For more information about the NFIP and the “ins and outs” flood insurance, check out these useful websites & resources:

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