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Know How Brunswick’s Flood Warning System Works

In the event of a major storm, the City receives notification from the Brunswick-Glynn County Emergency Management Agency and certain City departments are put on alert.  Local news media sources (radio and television) are notified and distribute information to the public.  If needed, the City Fire and Police Departments may notify area residents by door-to-door personal contact, telephone, and use of sirens and public address systems.  During significant storms, the City Police and Fire Departments monitor storm updates and pass information on to media sources for distribution. 


The following stations service the Brunswick area:

  • Glynn County’s Emergency Advisory Radio System: 104.9

  • Weather Radio Police Scanner, Tunable VHF Radio

  • WYNR-FM 102.5 WBGA-FM 92.7

  • WWSN-FM 103.3 WHFX-FM 107.7

  • WGIG-AM 1440 WSFM-AM 790

  • Any AM/FM band radio receiver

  • Local Television Channels


Sign Up for the Glynn County CodeRED Emergency Notification System

Glynn County has instituted the CodeRED Emergency Notification System - a high-speed telephone communication service to notify residents of emergency situations. This system allows the County to telephone all or certain areas within the County in emergency situations that requires immediate action (such as a boil-water notice, missing child or evacuation notices). Click here: https://glynncounty.org/671/CodeRED to obtain more information about how to register cell phone or pager to an address in the CodeRED System.


Monitor River Gauge Data, Storm Surges, and Other Weather-Related Information


A FLOOD WATCH means flooding is possible.  A WARNING means a flood is occurring or will soon.  Know the difference!

River gage data and additional information about flood conditions for Brunswick can be obtained by visiting the USGS Website  and the National Weather Service.


Be smart-know if storm surges are likely for your area!  Information about predicted storm surges can be found here: https://www.glynncounty.org/1658/Web-Flood-Maps

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