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Be proactive and protect your property!  Useful tips provided by FEMA https://www.floodsmart.gov/flood/first-prepare-for-flooding to help keep your property safe include the following:


  • Take photos and videos to conduct a household inventory, and keep a record of all major household items and valuables. These documents are critically important when filing insurance claims.

  • Reduce the risk of damage from flooding by elevating critical utilities, such as electrical panels, switches, sockets, wiring, appliances and heating systems.

  • In areas with repetitive flooding, consider elevating the entire structure.

  • Make sure basements are waterproofed and your sump pump is working. Then, install a battery-operated backup in case of power failure.

  • Installing a water alarm will also let you know if water is accumulating in your basement.

  • Clear debris from gutters and downspouts.

  • Anchor any fuel tanks.

  • Move furniture, valuables and important documents to a safe place.

  • Store copies of irreplaceable documents (such as birth certificates, passports, etc.) in a safe, dry place. Keep originals in a safe deposit box.



Don’t forget to stock up on any needed supplies, including sandbags, plywood, lumber and plastic sheeting in case of a serious flooding threat. And it goes without saying-but we’ll say it again-make sure you have flood insurance ahead of time and that the coverage amounts are adequate for your dwelling and contents.

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